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11 Steps To Finding the Perfect Web Offset printing machine manufacturers

Although a web offset printing machine is the perfect way to conduct large scale printing operations, not every unit is going to be built with the same quality specifications and for this reason it is important to do some research before making a purchase. My company was recently in need of a high quality web offset machine, and we did a lot of research before making our purchase. Along the way, I discovered many different things to look for when evaluating a web offset machine for selection. In order to share some of the insights that I garnered in the process of finding the perfect web offset machine for my company, I will offer 11 steps to finding the perfect web offset machine manufacturer. This way, prospective web offset machine buyers will have the opportunity to learn about which aspects to be afraid of, and what to look out for when making this important purchase.


When selecting a web offset press manufacturer, it is important to incorporate other analysis factors besides just the price of the printing press. When I was buying the web offset press for my company, I had to learn about the truly important aspects of buying a press, apart from simply looking at the price tag. For many buyers, one of the biggest mistakes to be afraid of is buying a press just because the price is low. This can actually not be a good thing if the price is too low, because it is an indicator that something may be wrong with that specific unit. Whether it is a problem with level, components, or another aspect of a web offset press, being able to evaluate a manufacturer based on these criteria and not simply on price alone is highly important.


Whether or not a buyer has a solid technical background relating to web offset press technologies can make the difference between a good purchase or one that can really hurt your company by wasting money on a press that doesn’t deliver good printing results. Even if you have no previous technical background pertaining to a web offset printing machine, learning the basics of how to evaluate these machines for quality does not take long at all. A buyer should be afraid of not having any technical background at all, since this can leave them exposed to being sold on a product that simply is not adequate for their printing needs.


When it comes to assessing the integrity of the components in a web offset unit you are considering for purchase, looking at the cylinders and bearings are two primary components to evaluate for quality. With regard to cylinder evaluation, I always pay attention to the parallelism tolerance and the run out of the cylinders which have been maintained by the manufacturer. Cross checking using a dial is highly recommended when evaluating cylinders.
Additionally, the bearings should be looked at to see if they are very old bearing components. If they are too old, then they are going to be worn out which is going to make it almost impossible to print effectively or accurately, which is a condition that ever buyer should have a healthy fear of. Verifying the metallurgy of the components a manufacturer is using will be another important skill that a buyer should have when evaluating a web offset press they are considering for purchase. Special bearing and sleeves are other critical components that a buyer should definitely be evaluating as well.


Comprising one form roller, a chrome-plated oscillating drum, a transfer roller and a motor-driven fountain roller, which can be regulated independently of press speed for precise control, continuous-feed dampening system is reliable and easy to use. Provision has been made to connect to a dampener solution circulation system.


The level of a web offset printer is critical to look at before making a purchase. When my company was considering options for our web offset unit, we came across several units that were not properly level. This is of critical importance for a buyer to only purchase a completely level unit, since the level will directly affect the quality of a printing job
It should be restated that being afraid of a poor level on a web offset machine is of utmost importance for a buyer to consider. If there is a component that needs replaced on a web offset printer, this is a problem that can be taken care of in a straightforward way. However, if the level is bad on a unit, then it is possible that it will never be able to print with accuracy or precision.


Looking into the past business dealings of a manufacturer you are seeking to work with can be a highly important step to take. Different than consulting with other manufacturer clients, reviewing their history involves checking for a history of bankruptcies or other events which damage the overall credibility of a manufacturer. If they have indeed filed for bankruptcy one or more times, or any other similar discrepancies, then this is a manufacturer that should be avoided at all costs.


One additional aspect that a buyer should be worried about in order to avoid wasted money on a bad web offset machine manufacturer is the infrastructure the manufacturer is operating with. If they are using manual machines, then this is a red flag that they are probably not a manufacturer that you want to be doing business with. When I was browsing around for my company’s web offset machine, I made sure to only consider working with those manufacturers who utilized the latest technology CNC machines. Making sure that only the latest CNC machines are a part of the manufacturer’s in-house infrastructure is a critical step to take when searching for a web offset press.


Another aspect of a manufacturer that is completely necessary for the continued functionality of the web offset unit you purchase is the availability of spare parts. If a manufacturer does not have good spare part availability, then it is going to be likely that when problems arise it could take a very long time to have repairs completed. This is not going to be an acceptable situation if your company needs to be consistently printing. Being afraid of not having spare parts available is a healthy fear to have if you are to choose the right web offset unit for your needs.


Having warranty options when buying a web offset machine is another critical element to consider when choosing the web offset press you need. It is wise to fear not having a warranty with your printing press, since a lack of warranty can become a problem if something fails on your web offset printing press. Even if there is a warranty included, make sure that it is extended because if it is only one year then you could have problems if something fails on the machine after the year is up. There are critical parts with a web offset printing press, and if these parts do not have an extended warranty attached then there could be problems if a part fails.


Technical service options are critical to have when purchasing a web offset unit. Most people are not skilled enough to service a web offset printer if something goes seriously wrong on the machine, and for this reason it is necessary to have service options available when you buy your web offset printing press. When I bought my web offset unit, I made sure that there were extensive service options available because I was scared of having my machine break down and having nobody available to fix it. The service response time of the manufacturer you choose to buy from is very important, and without a good response time for providing service you could end up losing a lot of productivity if something fails in your web offset press. It is critical that a manufacturer have a system and process in place which can guarantee quality performance by the manufacturer. It also helps if a manufacturer already has extensive experience in this industry, since this will allow a customer to learn more about their background and past reviews.


A final wise decision to make when evaluating your web offset printing machine options is to consult with other customers of a manufacturer you are considering. This is a smart move because then you will get a firsthand look into what it is like working with a given manufacturer. There is no better way to get a close look at how a manufacturer treats their clients than to consult with some of their actual clients. An additional marker to look for in a successful web offset press manufacturer is whether it is managed by the owner(s) or managed by another management staff. If it is being managed by anyone but the owner(s), then it is more likely that there will be an overall lack of quality and supervision when compared to a manufacturer which is managed by its owner.

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