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The experienced Prakash Engineering team has over the time developed new designs to boost productivity, efficiency, and reliability of the presses. Company is well equipped with top of the line CAD/CAM software to streamline product development and relentless value addition to the design.


Knowing that accurate machining is heart of any engineered machine, at Prakash qualified engineers and highly skilled operators manufacture your products on new-generation CNC machines and machining centres. Our vast experience with high-precision manufacturing technologies and complex workpieces enables us to promise you one-stop, quality manufacturing of a diverse range of parts. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop allows us to specialize in producing cylindrical, cubical, and specialty components to precise tolerances. From frames to cylinders to sleeves, tolerances within microns are maintained strictly to give our presses unmatched reliability and quality.

Few of the critical components and the machinery used to bring them to acceptable quality standard.

Some highlights of our technical infrastructure are:

Component Machine used
Printing unit frames machining 15 axis-Deckel Maho 200P, Germany
Cutting cylinder and jaw cylinder 4 axis VMC-Haas VF5, USA
Former bars, Cross base 3 axis VMC -fulland alpha, Tivan
Sleeves VMC-Kitamura, Japan
Blanket cylinders and Plate cylinders CNC lathe-HMT, India
Grinding operation CNC grinder- HMT, India
Inspection CMM- Carl Zeiss, Germany


Over the years, Prakash has learned that assembly of components plays a verycritical role in overall press performance and hence this technique has been championed long back at Prakash. All the modern tools and infrastructure are available to assembly engineers to give your press a robust construction and reliability on which you can rest your business.


At Prakash, strict and rigorous inspections take place at each production phase, especially in our final full coverage inspection system, from static inspection to the actual printing tests under conditions similar to that of the press’s customers, and overall evaluations are made based on our own unique inspection system. Coordinates measuring machines (CMMs) are used at every component to ensure quality required to run a press flawlessly over the years.


Table 1. 5S Definitions

Japanese Term English Equivalent Meaning in Japanese Context
Seiri Tidiness Throw away all rubbish and unrelated materials from the workplace
Seiton Orderliness Set everything in proper place for quick retrieval and storage
Seiso Cleanliness Clean the workplace; everyone should be a janitor
Seiketsu Standardization Standardize the way of maintaining cleanliness
Shitsuke Discipline Practice ‘Five S’ daily – make it a way of life; this also means ‘commitment’

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