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3D case non woven bag making machine


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Machine Details

Fully Automatic Non-woven Handle Bag Making Machine is appreciated for its excellent capacity of manufacturing a variety of non-woven bags in different shapes such as flat bag, vest bag, wearing rope bag and zipper bag.

Integrated with a LCD touch screen that ensure ease of operation, the machine is loaded with highly advanced features like photoelectric tracking, computer automatic edge correction, automatic positioning computer, automatic counting, counting alarm, automatic punching and automatic hot handle control device.

It produces bulk amount of box bags with finished strong sealing and tangent appearance. The machine can manufacture bags in different widths, lengths and thickness according to the requirement of industry.

Technical Specifications :

Production speed 20-100 PCS/min 20-100 PCS/min 20-100 PCS/min
Max. Printing Area(mm) 345 x 450 375 x 550 457 x 620
Total Power 8.0 KW 8.0 KW 8.0 KW
Weight Approx. 3000 kgs 3000 kgs 3000 kgs
Man-Power required 1 skilled/1 unskilled 1 skilled/1 unskilled 1 skilled/1 unskilled
Bag Making Width 100-800mm 100-800mm 100-800mm
Bag Making length 200-480 mm 200-580 mm 200-680 mm
Bag making thickness 30-100 gsm 30-100 gsm 30-100 gsm

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