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So you want to start a printing business? The first step of action is to purchase a good quality Web Press. What is a Web Press? How to know whom to purchase from? Fret not, we have you covered!

1 – Introduction to Web Presses

What is a Web Press?

The first step is to develop an understanding of what a Web Press is. In essence, web presses are rotary presses that continuously print on a roll of paper. Paper is fed automatically from a large roll, and the web press processes the printing on it prior to it being cut. The Web Printing process is utilized where there is a large scale requirement of printing (but not on heavier cards).

Web Presses can be categorized into two sub sets:-

Cold-Set Web Presses :-

While at first glance these presses are identical to the heat set web printing presses, they utilize a much faster drying ink. This process is not suited for coated papers as it requires a substrate that will absorb the ink. There is no additional heat used to dry the ink.

Application: newspapers and offset sheets:-

Heat-Set Web Presses:-

Again, these presses are similar to cold set web printing presses except that they include, in addition, a heat tunnel which is used to flash or shock the ink to a dry stage prior to the exit of the ribbon of paper from the press. Almost all heat-set web presses offer finishing services on the press such as perforation, gluing, scoring, slitting, die-cutting and folding. This equipment can achieve speeds as high as 20,000 to over 100,000 impressions per hour.

Application: cheap brochures, leaflets, sell sheets, flyers and inserts :-

Applications of Web Presses :-

Web presses are best suited for producing massive volumes of high quality prints with minimal maintenance and economical costs. They can be used for printing newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, flyers, stationery, etc.

Product Cut off Broadsheet Tabloid Quarter fold (magazines) Double parellel or Digest t (2- on)
Signature Size 578mm 368mm to 444mm*578mm 289mm* 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*289mm 144.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
(Untrimmed sizes) 546mm 368mm to 444mm*546mm 273mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*273mm 136.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
Depending on Web width used 560mm 368mm to 444mm*560mm 280mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*280mm 140mm * 368mm to 444mm
533mm 368mm to 444mm*533mm 266.5mm*368mm to444mm 184mm to 222mm*266.5mm 133mm *368mm to 444mm
508mm 368mm to 444mm*508mm 254mm * 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*254mm 127mm * 368mm to 444mm
Particulars 508 mm (20″) 533 mm (20.98″) 546mm (21.5″) 560mm (22″) 578mm (22.75″)
Printing speed 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH
Plate Width 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″)
Plate Length (Unbent) (Slit type) 539mm 564mm 577mm 591mm 609mm
Plate Thickness 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm
Blanket Length (‘T’ Bar Type including bars) 556mm 581mm 594mm 608mm 626mm
Blanket Length (Narrow-gap including bars) 580mm 605mm 618mm 632mm 650mm
Blanket Width 889mm 889mm 889mm 889mm
Blanket Thickness (including packing) 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45
Paper Width 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm
Reel Diameter (Max) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″)
Printing Length (Max)’T’ Bar Type Blanket 482mm 507mm 520mm 534mm 552mm
Printing Length (Max) Narrow-gap Blanket 490mm 515mm 528mms 542mm 560mm
Paper gsm (uncoated) 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm

2 – How to choose a Web Press Manufacturer

Now that the use of a Web Press has been established, the next point of business is to find a reliable, capable and trustworthy Web Press Manufacturer. There are 5 points to keep in mind when on the search.

1. Appropriate CNC Infrastructure :-

No matter which Web Press Manufacturer you choose, it is imperative for them to have an up to mark CNC infrastructure in addition to high quality assembly techniques & a brilliant Research and Development department. This is because the product quality (i.e. good and accurate machines) are but a product of the CNC infrastructure. Take any web printing press with remarkable quality and you will find a brilliant CNC infrastructure as its backbone

2. Render service to reputed customers :-

This goes without saying, but a manufacturer with reputable clientele is bound to be trustworthy and reliable. Any reputable high profile client would have a multitude of choices and would select nothing but the best in order to further build his or her own empire. There is no question that any successful buyer worth his salt would invest heavily in the fundamental piece of machinery for any web printing business. It is a testimonial to the quality of the web press and the frequency of updates and upgrades of any web press manufacturer to have the support of established and reputed names in the industry.

3. Manufacturing and Installation Experience :-

Would you ever allow an inexperienced person to make your food or cut your hair or fix the plumbing of your house? No! The thing is that experience matters. The longer someone works in a field the more they accumulate practical knowledge and certain tips & tricks. The longer a Web Press Manufacturer has been in the business the more likely they are to be reliable.
This has a twofold reason. Firstly, if they have stuck around for this long they must be doing something right. Secondly, in all their years of working they would have encountered multiple problems and consequently learnt better ways to manufacture. They possibly use better quality raw materials, better engineering and so on. The same applies for installation experience. The more someone does something, the more adept they become at it. You are likely to encounter fewer problems with someone who has a long and rich experience in manufacturing and installation of Web Presses.

4. High Quality Metallurgy Parts :-

Going back to the basics, the better the quality of the individual parts that are being used the lower the expected wear and tear will be. This in turn will directly translate into longer lifetime of the Web Press you are going to so heavily invest in.

5. High Quality bearings, sleeves and gears :-

While these might seem like small parts and not worth checking, it is the function of these parts that determines the amount of time your press will spend off-road. Obviously, if you invest a lot of money into your business, you would not want your primary machine to malfunction often. Save yourself the trouble and invest in a machine with high quality parts. Along the same vein, find a manufacturer who offers good customer service to save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

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