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Web Offset Printing Press – Mono Unit

Web Offset Printing Machine Mono Unit

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Machine Details

The mono unit is capable of printing one colour on either side of the web. Alternatively, a 2+0 colour combination can also be achieved using direct litho printing. The stack unit is identical to the mono unit but is without the reel stand. It can be mounted without the reel stand. It can be mounted on a 3-colour satellite to print 4+1, on mono unit to print 2+2.

Introduction and Standard Features

Mono unit Standard features :-

  • Lever-type swing-down ink fountain with overrides for ink fountain roller.
  • Dynamically-balanced hard chrome plated solid plate and blanket cylinders.
  • On the nose, slit or spring-type plate lock-up system
  • Manual side register system for both plate cylinders, on the run.
  • Electro-mechanical web-break detector.
  • Safety guards.
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears.
  • Provision for printing 2 colours on same side of web (direct litho)
  • Variable-speed motorized dampening

Optional Features :-

  • Running circumferential register on the operating side
  • Heavy-duty compensator
  • Reel Stand with Pneumatic Brakes
  • Web Aligner
  • Pneumatic Reel lifters
  • Clutch on either side of unit
  • Automatic oil lubrication for operating side bearings and bushes
  • Infra-red web-break detector
  • Flying splicer
  • Reel rod, narrow gap blanket cylinder lockup
  • Motorized sidelay, circumferential, and unit to unit register control
  • Centralized water circulation system with refrigeration unit
  • Solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders
  • Pneumatic on/off controls
  • Brushmist dampening system
  • Spray dampening system
  • Remote ink control system
  • Automatic registration control
Particulars 508 mm (20″) 533 mm (20.98″) 546mm (21.5″) 560mm (22″) 578mm (22.75″)
Printing speed 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH 16000 – 36000 CPH
Plate Width 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″) 889 mm (35″)
Plate Length (Unbent) (Slit type) 539mm 564mm 577mm 591mm 609mm
Plate Thickness 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm 0.30mm
Blanket Length (‘T’ Bar Type including bars) 556mm 581mm 594mm 608mm 626mm
Blanket Length (Narrow-gap including bars) 580mm 605mm 618mm 632mm 650mm
Blanket Width 889mm 889mm 889mm 889mm
Blanket Thickness (including packing) 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45 1.65+0.45
Paper Width 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm 700-889mm
Reel Diameter (Max) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″) 1070mm (42″)
Printing Length (Max)’T’ Bar Type Blanket 482mm 507mm 520mm 534mm 552mm
Printing Length (Max) Narrow-gap Blanket 490mm 515mm 528mms 542mm 560mm
Paper gsm (uncoated) 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm 38-80gsm

Dampening System

Cloth Dampening :-

Comprising one form roller, a chrome-plated oscillating drum, a transfer roller and a motor-driven fountain roller, which can be regulated independently of press speed for precise control, continuous-feed dampening system is reliable and easy to use. Provision has been made to connect to a dampener solution circulation system.

Brush Dampening (option) :-


Comprising one form roller, a chrome-plated oscillating drum, a transfer roller and a motor-driven fountain roller, which can be regulated independently of press speed for precise control, continuous-feed dampening system is reliable and easy to use. Provision has been made to connect to a dampener solution circulation system.
The contactless Brushmist Dampening System incorporates independently variable-speed, motorized, stainless steel dampener fountain rolers, chrome-plated dampener vibrator rollers, rubber dampener form rollers and stainless steel trays with inlet/ outlet. This roller train ensures a uniform water film onto the plate mounted on the plate cylinder.

Spray Dampening (option) :-


Spray Dampening System is provided in place of Film or Brushiest dampening system. It increase efficiency and print quality, reduced start-up-waste, and savings in water and ink. Short payback makes the spray dampening system a necessary accessory for news paper presses.
The system has patented valves allowing a higher spraying cycle frequency, delivery of precise water volumes, and uniform dampening of the plate cylinder.

Registration System

Manual registration :-

It is the most basic and inexpensive method for registration control and comes as a standard accessory. Lateral and circumferential register control is given on machine itself with easy to use attributes.

Motorized registration system (option) :-

As an option Prakash offers motorized register system, wherein, an operator can adjust registration laterally and circumferentially from a remote desk.
This system offers greater control over the press in comparison to manual system and less manpower requirement. With motorized system, press comes with enclosure doors.

Auto registration system (option) :-


Prakash offers automatic registration control system with a proven technology. It is a close loop system equipped with intelligent camera that continuously monitors and controls any deviation in registration. It comes with an easy to use touch screen user interface. The major advantage of this system is that it leads to huge saving by reducing wastage considerably which takes place during start up of the press.

Inking System

The inking system consists of a swing-down ink fountain which allows easy cleaning. 24 keys/ lever across the width of the ink fountain roller control the ink feed. The ink override control mechanism on the ink fountain roller ensures quick distribution of the ink all along the surface of the roller during printing runs and also easy cleaning of the ink fountain.

The gear-driven roller train (Comprising of copper-plated vibrator rollers, ink transfer and ink form rubber roller, ink feed and ink film on the plate cylinder or plate. Lever-style ink fountain is supplied as an option in Prakash presses.

Screw type inking

Lever type inking (option)

Remote inking (option) :-


Prakash offers highly efficient remote inking system for its printing units. Each system comprise of 24 segments of the ink fountain, individually driven by its own digitally controlled motor. Individual segments are leak free and move linearly to the ink fountain roller. The ink flow control is done from a centralized computerized console. State-of-the-art software and electronics provide unmatched precision, accuracy and speed in controlling and pre-setting ink fountains.
Remote Ink Control System leads to a huge savings in time and money as its background memory provides for setting the next job while the current job is running.

On / Off controls

Manual controls:-

Manual on/off control is given on the machine itself for regulating ink, water, and impression.

Pneumatic Controls (option):-


Pneumatic on/ off controls are provided for ink, dampening, and impression cylinder. Having this system saves lot of time and paper wastage as master control is provided on the central control desk for remote operation. Pneumatic is an option is prakash presses.

Drive System


In this system a single drive shaft goes from the folder to the length of the press, driving each printing unit. In this arrangement high capacity motors are installed on the folder, which powers the entire press

Shaftless (option):-

The shaftless drive option provides excellent control over web tension from reelstand to folder through electronically synchronized AC motors. Which brings optimum control of the web position at all times. Subsequent benefits in press running are:

  • Easy synchronization of printing units to a folder
  • Optimum access throughout the press
  • Faster, easier plate changer for regional editions
  • Reliable of AC motor drives

For presses where complex and frequent changes of web path, colour and paging are likely to be the norm, shaftless drives provide key benefits by simplifying set up and control. Shaftless drives also make future press extensions or re-configurations simpler, providing overall flexibility and future proofing.

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