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Web Offset Printing Machine – Folder 30000

prakash-superb 3000

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Prakash Superb – Way to move forward

The Superb offers a sound solution to the demand for increased quality combined with decreased costs. High-performance printing units are the basis for economic and reliable production throughout the press’ life. The Superb efficiency is particularly effective for larger print runs including a large number of colored pages. Over 250 presses sold across the globe, Superb stand apart from its competition because of high quality components and rigid structure. Short web lead and tower like design minimizes wastage and thus eliminating extra cost. The folder is based on 1:2 principle with additional heavy duty folding drum. It is designed for quick change over from half to quarter page or double parallel fold or 1/8 fold.

High output:

The Superb needs minimal change-over times for maximum output.

Printing unit

The single width and single-circumference printing unit has no bearer rings, making it the basis for industrial newspaper production and colored newspaper offset. Low initial investment and less complexity help the print house to run profitability.

High degree of automation:

Extensive automation options reduce waste, shorten make ready times, and lead to lower staff expenditures. The most important options include: automatic registration control, remote inking, automatic reel changer, pneumatic controls.

Introduction and Standard features

Speedster folder Standard features :-

  • Available Cut of Sizes: 508mm, 546mm, 560mm and 578mm.
  • Max. Web Width: 889mm.
  • Speed: 36000 copies per hour.
  • Capacity: 6-8 webs or 24 to 32 pages broad sheet newspaper.

Optional features

  • Double RTF rollers for running 6 webs.
  • Quarter page folder.
  • Double parallel folder.
  • Cross perforator.
  • Web under lead system.
  • Clutch on operating side of folder.
  • Cut-off control on folder for maximum four webs.
  • Single-shot grease lubrication for operating side bearings and cams.
  • Slitter or perforator on nipping rollers.
  • Upper former.
  • Operating console.

Introduction data different fold wise


Product Cut off Broadsheet Tabloid Quarter fold (magazines) Double parellel or Digest t (2- on)
Signature Size 578mm 368mm to 444mm*578mm 289mm* 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*289mm 144.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
(Untrimmed sizes) 546mm 368mm to 444mm*546mm 273mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*273mm 136.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
Depending on Web width used 560mm 368mm to 444mm*560mm 280mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*280mm 140mm * 368mm to 444mm
533mm 368mm to 444mm*533mm 266.5mm*368mm to444mm 184mm to 222mm*266.5mm 133mm *368mm to 444mm
508mm 368mm to 444mm*508mm 254mm * 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*254mm 127mm * 368mm to 444mm

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