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If you have taken the decision to start your own printing business then you know the importance of an automatic splicer. It ensures continuous production without requiring slowing down or shutting off of the press for changing paper rolls. This results in higher efficiency, greater production and ultimately greater revenue. What you may not know, or maybe you are trying to make the choice, is that there are two types of splicers � The Flying Paster and the Zero Speed Splicer. So, which is the splicer for you?

Zero Speed Splicer vs The Flying Paster

Both the flying paster and the zero speed splicer are automatic and use adhesive tape to connect successive webs. The difference lies in the fact that a flying splicer performs the splice as both webs are rotating at the speed of the press. The leading edge of the new web is placed against the splicing arm alongside the tail edge of the printing web. The zero speed splicer, on the other hand, uses a combination of several rollers, known as a festoon. This festoon works as an accumulator. It holds enough paper for the press to continue working as the splice is performed. Thus, while performing the spice the printing web keeps moving while the new web is stationary.

The flying paster is used for printing presses operating at higher speeds as there is no need for storage. In the zero speed splicer, as the line speed and time required for a splice increases the size of the festoon, or the accumulator, has to grow to accommodate more rolls of paper. This requires greater space and more financial investment. Additionally, with the use of the latest technology, a flying paster can perform the splice even faster than the zero speed splicer.

So, the zero speed splicer vs the flying paster; which is better? The Flying Paster is clearly the better option. It is more economical and allows the press to function at higher speeds. It is a culmination of the latest developments in this field and hence is the most optimized. It requires lesser space and is easier to use. There really is no better option!

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