SG 50 Auto Paster

The path to establishing a successful printing business is bound to intersect with the search for the perfect flying paster (or auto reel changer). Any enterprising web printer would appreciate the inclusion of world class technology into his/ her printing arsenal. The launch of the SG 50 marks the emergence of the world's most economical automatic flying paster and is guaranteed to provide utmost satisfaction.

A flying paster or reel changer ensures continuous printing by pasting (or splicing) one roll after the other, with no breaks or stops, till the entire production is over. The flying is used to describe the process of acceleration of the roll to the speed of the press. Such equipment is generally preferred for use with high speed printing presses. An automatic reel changer, such as the SG 50, can be retrofitted to replace currently existing flying pasters or manual reel feeding units to enhance production and provide a better quality of printing.

The SG 50 operates at a speed of whopping 50,000 CPH and combines revolutionary design with an attractive price tag. It is roughly 30% cheaper than the next comparable variant. As will be evident shortly, the SG 50 provides huge economic relief to any web offset printer. It facilitates lower consumption of power, reduction in required area and space along with ease of handling and minimized charge of labour.


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