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Two 2 Colour satellite non woven bags printing machine


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Machine Details

Prakash Offset has introduced Non-woven double colour fabric bag printing machines. These are satellite models built in 3-in-1 Model Machine pattern suitable to print two cut colours in single pass on the following:

  • Non-woven bags
  • Plastic
  • Papers

These machines are available in the following sizes:

  • 14” X 18”
  • 16” X 22”
  • 18” X 24”

With an aim to offer premium grade print results on Non Woven Cloth Printing, Prakash has come up with the next generation Non -woven Satellite model two colour bag Printing Machines.

Prakash-222 Two Colour Non woven bag printing machine is manufactured with a classic contemporary designing idea. Apart from carrying on the incredible benefits of Prakash NW-222 model, the machine also includes more benefits under the ‘features’ category.

Prakash Offset Imported Non woven Bag to Bag printing machine (Satellite Model) is compact & has an efficient design. Prakash bi-colour non woven fabric offset printing machines have been specially made for quick printing to meet the requirement for quality short/long run jobs on non woven d cut bags & fabrics.

We undertake immense pleasure to offer our premium range of ‘Spun bonded Non Woven Bags printing machine’. It facilitates you to print background and screen jobs, Pictures & Images, half tone jobs, with decent print quality even with mass production.

The Eco Friendly Non Woven Bag to Bag Offset Printing Machines manufactured by Prakash can easily accommodate any number of images you can develop. Our machines are devised in a fashion to bring out incredible results in printing on non woven fabrics. This way, our clients can easily produce beautiful bags for promotion as well as shopping.

First grade spun bonded non-woven fabric is used to create nonwoven bags. Comprised of 100% polypropylene recyclable filaments, the bags will decompose naturally and can be completely incinerated without producing any kind of poisonous pollutants.

The non woven fabric used to produce bags is 100% flexible, highly durable, waterproof, and stain resistant. It is also breathable. The fabric can be easily manufactured in a variety of attractive hues ranging from mild to dark colors. It is widely used in the textile manufacturing industry to represent fabrics, such as felt. These are neither woven nor knitted. At Prakash, it is all about manufacturing state of the art performance oriented non woven bag printing machines to help industries produce environmental friendly bags without compromising on quality.

Technical Specification :-

Description Prakash NW-218 Prakash NW-222 Prakash NW-224
Max.Paper/Bag Size(mm) 365 x 470 406 x 560 457x 620
Max. Printing Area(mm) 345 x 450 375 x 550 440 x 605
Min.Paper/Bag Size(mm) 125x180mm 125x180mm 180 x 260
Plate Size(0.20-0.28mm) 395 x 470 420 x 560 505 x 620
Blanket Size (mm) 420 x 470 460x560mm 505x 620
Paper Thickness 30-250g/m2 30-250g/m2 30-250g/m2
Bag thickness 42-150g/m2 42-150g/m2 42-150g/m2
Printing Speed (for Paper) 2000-8000 IPH 2000-8000 IPH 2000-8000 IPH
Printing Speed (for Bags) 2000-3000 IPH 2000-3000 IPH 2000-3000 IPH
Ink Rollers 14 (3 form inking rollers) 14 (3 form inking rollers) 14 (3 form inking rollers)
Water Rollers 5 (2 form inking rollers) 5 (2 form inking rollers) 5 (2 form inking rollers)
Power (single Phase) 1.5KW 1.5KW 2.0KW
Overall Dimensions 1760 X 935 X 1340mm. 1760 x 1035 x 1340mm 2000 x 1100 x 1420 mm.
Weight 800 kg 900 kg.

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