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Single Colour non woven bags printing machine

Single Colour Non Woven Bags Printing Machine

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Machine Details

‘PRAKASH NW’ the latest model under the high speed offset printing machine category has been introduced by Prakash Offset. This is a freshly produced lateral feeding Commercial press. Manufactured by Prakash, the printing machine is based on advanced foreign technologies and available in sizes he following sizes:

  • 14×18
  • 16×22
  • 18×24

He Single Double & Four Color sheet fed offset printing machine is also available with on line numbering and perforation facility to ensure high quality printing and excellent performance. With Prakash Offset, it is all about world class quality printing.

Special Features:

  • 3-IN-1 Machine Suitable to Print On Non-Woven Bags, Plastic & Papers.
  • Three Main Hard Chromium Faced cylinders Strongly Guarantee their Resistance and durability.
  • Helical Gears drive system .
  • Bearing type pull side lay with micro adjustment without stopping the machine.
  • Chain Delivers with three gripper Bars.
  • Front loading System .
  • Multi sucker universal Feeder.
  • Single lever Operation for Damping inking & impression.
  • Vertical Micro adjustment on plate Cylinder .
  • Anti-Static charger to remove magnet from paper.
  • Double sheet is ejected downward without interrupting the printing job.
Detail Prakash NW-2-1418 Prakash NW-2-1622 Prakash NW-2-1824
Max.Size 355x470mm(14′x18.5′) 400x560mm(15.75′x22′) 450x620mm(17.75′x24.5′)
Max.Printing Area 345x450mm 375x550mm 440x605mm
Min.size 125x180mm 125x180mm 125x180mm
Plate Size 395x470mm 420x560mm 480x620mm
Blanket Size 420x470mm 460x570mm 505x620mm
Paper Thickness 30-300gsm 30-300gsm 30-300gsm
Ink Roller System 14(3 form) Rollers 14(3 form) Rollers 14(3 form) Rollers
water Roller System 5(2 form) Rollers 5(2 form) Rollers 5(2 form) Rollers
Printing Speed Paper 2000-8000 Sheet/hour 2000-8000 Sheet/hour 2000-8000 Sheet/hour
Printing Speed N.W 2000-8000 Sheet/hour 2000-3000 Sheet/hour 2000-3000 Sheet/hour
1.5KW Single Phase 1.5kw Single Phase 2kw Single Phase
1760(L)x935(W)x1340(H) 1760(L)x1035(W)x1340(H) 2000(L)x1100(W)x1420(H)
700 Kg. 800 Kg. 900 kg.

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