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fiber laser marking machine


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Machine Details

Fiber laser is the most accepted technology among the laser marking systems due to its versatility,minimal maintenance and nil requirement of consumables. Unlike Co2 it uses, optical fiber doped with rare earth element as a laser source and can mark with much more intensity comparatively. It provides best industrial solution product identification and traceability and is used to mark barcodes, serial numbers, graphics etc on materials like metal, plastics and ceramics.

Standard features

  • Optical fibre laser – Fibre optic cable is used as a source to deliver the Laser beam to do marking.
  • Optical Isolator- An optical isolator has been installed on the laser Marking head to prevent the back eflection of laser light on the Laser’s most sensitive optical component.
  • Precise scanning system- High speed scanning system has been used In the system to get the speedy and precise results in marking.
  • High service life of upto 10 years of the laser source making it more reliable and energy saving
  • Over 100,000 hours of reliable, maintenance-free performance
  • No consumables required which helps in reducing the operating cost.
  • Compact and modular structure to make the operation safe and sound.
  • The laser head is sealed so as to prevent the optical chamber from Contamination.
  • Visible red diode for aiming and dry run operations.
  • Built-in air cooling system.
  • Professional Laser marking software with a user friendly interface And the controls that allows the connection to multiple laser systems with One Computer.
  • Operator Control Panel–The front panel control module includes the system key switch, laser off push button, manual safety shutter control, function indicators.

Technical features

Model F10 F20
Lasar Type Fiber
Laser Power 10 W 20W
Lasar Wavelength 1064mm
Marking Field 110x110mm
Marking Speed <7000mm/s
Min.Line width 0.01mm
Power Consumption 300 W/Hr 800 W/Hr.

Optional features

  • Rotary attachment.
  • Fixtures as per component.
  • Marking area of 200×200 or 300×300 or bigger size.


acrylic, wood, foam, brass, paper, rubber, marble,plastics, cast iron, stainless steel, leather, zinc alloy, cooper, nickelage, galvanization, aluminium, titanium

Types of metals that lend themselves well to fiber laser engraving include platinum, stainless steel, silver, gold and bronze. Carbide, tungsten, copper, aluminum or medical-grade alloys also respond well to fiber laser marking.


F-10 with a power of 10w, Fiber lasers are best fitted in the Maintainence-free category of laser marking machines. The fiber based optical design and robust industrial design fulfills all the requirement to cope up with industrial environment.

F-20 With a double power of 20w, F-20 model has all the standard features to give smooth, stable, fine and speedy performance. These fiber lasers do really well for putting up Barcodes, serial nos. etc on both metals and plastics, for product identification and traceability.

Marking by fibre laser marking machine

QR code marking

Marking on plastic bottle

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