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co2 laser marking machine

Laser Marking System

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Machine Details

Co2 laser marking machine uses co2 gas in a sealed tube as a laser source to mark on organic materials like wood, glass,acrylicetc Being the cost-effective solution in the market, this laser system is widely accepted for product identification, serial marking, date stamping etc. We have three different models depending upon the power to suit your industry requirements.

Standard features

  • Imported RF CO2 laser generator to stabalise the output of laser power.
  • Robust industrial design to prevent the laser light leaking and hence make it more safe for the operator.
  • No consumables, low processing cost, the service life of the laser is upto 20000 to 30000 hours (hero).
  • Clear, high speed ,high precision and controlled engraving .(hero)
  • High speed scanning galvanometer for optimum performance. (yueming)
  • Embedded operating system and good touch interface to provide best solutions for a wide range of marking applications.
  • ALL digital technology and mark upto 450 characters per second (stationary marking speed)

Technical details

Model C10W C30W C50W
Laser type CO2
Laser Wavelength 1064 nm
Marking Field 110x110mm
Marking Speed < 7000 mm/s
Min. Line Width 0.01 mm
Power < 2000w

Optional items

  • Rotary attachment.
  • Fixtures as per component.
  • Marking area of 200×200 or 300×300 or bigger size.

Applicable materials

Yes – Plastics, Leather, cloth, acrylic, polyester resin,wood, glass, paper, foils and films,stone

No – metals (gold silver copper stainless steel etc)

Applicable industries

  • Advertisement industry
  • Furniture industry
  • Craft industry
  • Leather industry
  • Electronics
  • Packaging industry
  • Label Industry


C10w C10wis a 10-watt, RFexcited, continuous wave, sealed-tube, CO2 laser marking system that provides a galvo-steered beam designed for marking. The C10wlaser marking system is excellent for marking substrates like wood, glass, Plexiglas, quartz, ceramics, fabrics, and other non-metallic things.

C30w With a power of 30w, this laser system incorporates the latest technology in sealed-tube using carbon dioxide lasers to provide excellent output power, stability, and reliability in a rugged compact modular package.

C50w with a high power of 50w, C50wprovides reliable guarantee for long-time, continuous, high-speed and stable operation of the machines.

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