Laser Marking Machines

Laser marking refers to the process in which materials and workpieces are labeled or marked using a laser beam. There are actually different types of laser marking, which include laser annealing, laser engraving, laser foaming, laser removing and laser staining. A laser marking machine can be used in a wide range of dynamic and highly adaptable applications where 2D Data Matrices, bar codes, characters, graphics and/or logos need to be marked at a high speed. Laser marks happen to be very readable and a permanent mark is left on the material that is not affected by harsh environmental conditions and makes the material effectively traceable.

What Materials Can Laser Marking Be Used For?

It is possible to use laser marking for materials that fall in the categories of foils/films/packaging, laminates, metals, paints and plastics. The type of laser that is used for laser marking, such as a CO laser or a solid-state laser, depends on the material used.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Laser Marking Machine?

Durable marking: Permanency is a unique trait of laser marking, which means that abrasions, acids or heat cannot affect laser marks. The laser parameter settings can be adjusted so that the surface of a certain materials is not damaged while being marked.

Rapid marking speed: Out of all the marking processes that are offered today, laser marking happens to be the fastest. As a result, the cost of manufacturing is minimized and productivity is boosted. As mentioned, this speed can be further increased using different laser machines and/or laser sources, depending on the size and structure of the material.

Very precise marking: Laser marking happens to be a very precise process, so even 1-point fonts, extremely delicate graphics and really tiny geometrics can be marked onto a material and they end up being clearly legible. Moreover, consistently high-quality results can also be ensured through laser marking.

Other benefits of a laser marking machine:

  • A high-contrast permanent mark is produced
  • Anyone can use it quite easily
  • Cost of these machines tends to be very low
  • Just about any Windows-based software can be used to operate it
  • No maintenance is required
  • The integrity of the material or workpiece is not affected since no material is removed


Thus, a laser marking machine provides a wide variety of inexpensive solutions for marking on numerous materials. As mentioned, the material is marked with high-contrast laser markings and no undesirable effect or substance is added onto the material.


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