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leather laser engraving machine


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Leather is the most popular material for engraving due to its durability and versatility. Earlier processes like carving and stamping for giving the engraving effect have taken the backseat after the advent of laser technology. Laser engraving on leather is a non-contact process done by laser which prevents the wear and tear of material. Many types of leather like natural leather, synthetic leather, suede, nubucketc can easily be engraved with laser engraving machine on a single command of computer. Customizable to the core, laser technology is helping leather manufacturers create tailor-made designs and patterns to suit all client requirements however big or small. All our machines can do both cutting and engraving with a simple power setting. The most acceptable models in leather industry are CMA-6040 , CMA-960 among single head and CMA-960 T with double head.Our team would be happy to help you decide which machine will be most beneficial for you company.

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