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wood laser cutting machine


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Machine Details

Prakash wood laser cutting machine is best suited for cutting wood like MDF, teak, veneer, soft wood etc. It has wide variety of applications in industries like toys, furniture, gits, architectural models, souvenirs etc. Working with wood laser cutting machine gives a satisfaction of clean cutting edges, complex designs, high speed and high quality. Unlike the process of milling, laser systems do not require any material fixation with clamps as it is a non-contact process. Just with a bit of learning a person can easily handle 4-5 machines through computer. Not only cutting, but the engraving can also be done with a same machine simultaneously with simple power setting. This results in the added value of product and gives our customer the freedom to create anything with imagination.Here at prakash we are dedicated to customize one machine according to your industrial needs. Kindly contact us for more information.

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