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leather laser cutting machine

double head CMA960-T copy

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Leather is a versatile material due to its ability to hold its shape even with large cutouts. Simple process of cutting and engraving through laser technology can make a simple leather into a beautiful product. Leather continues to awe and inspire the current generation and their choice of products as well. Be it in the form of chic footwear, tablet covers, address card holders, laptop bags, fancy hold-alls, or more, there’s no dearth of ways in which laser-cut leather is making heads turn.

Use of laser technology is a precise process with no damage or distortion of original material. Customizable to the core, laser technology is helping leather manufacturers create tailor-made designs and patterns to suit all client requirements however big or small.


Benefits of Laser technology on Leather

  • Cutting with laser beam is a non-contact process which results in clean edge cutting and hence prevents fraying.
  • Laser cutting machines save time, cost and money as a single person with little practice can easily handle 4-5 machines at the same time as compared to traditional methods which require more man power.
  • A single piece of leather can be cut and engraved at the same time in least possible time which is not possible in traditional methods.
  • To prevent any discolouration during cutting and engraving, a masking tape can be used before the procedure.
  • Once the laser cutter has been programmed for the process it can create the exact workpieces one after another with high quality.
  • All our laser cutting machines come with a special exhaust system which controls the harmful gases released during the cutting, engraving or marking procedure.

Types of leather on which laser technology works.

Leather laser cutting and engraving machines work on all types of leather like natural leather, synthetic leather, napped leather, suede leather etc.

Industrial Applications of leather laser cutting machines

  • Accessories like wallets, belts, bracelets etc.
  • Brieifcases and bags.
  • Shoes and other kids and ladies footwear.
  • Seat covers in cars.
  • Carpets and rugs.
  • Clothing.
  • Furniture manufacturing.
  • Packaging Industry.
  • Gifts and Novelties.

Models which work as best leather laser cutting and engraving machine.

Here at prakash we have 5 models (CMA-6040, CMA-960, CMA-1080, CMA-1390 and CMA-1610) of laser cutting machines, each with different work area to suit your industrial requirement.

The most acceptable models in leather industry are CMA-6040 and CMA-960. Both of these models come with a single head and all the features of basic laser cutting and engraving machines. With a mere setting of power single machine can perform both the cutting and engraving functions.

In Industries where the production is too high we can give an option of double head (CMA-960T) which works with double speed to increase the production in same time.

Watch leather laser cutting machine in action

Samples of laser cut leather

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