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co2 laser cutting machine


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Machine Details

Co2 Laser cutting machines by Prakash offers a wide variety of cutting and engraving options on different types of materials like acrylic, leather, wood, fabric ,plasticetc with high speed and accuracy. Cutting and engraving through laser is a non-contact process which makes the running and maintaining procedure quite easy. With a mere setting of power a single machine can perform both the cutting and engraving functions at the same time. Here, we can provide you with single head and double head machines depending upon your requirement of production.

Single head

Prakash’s single head laser cutting machine is a perfect solution for cutting and engraving all types of acrylics,leather,mdf,plastics,fabric, rubber,plexi glass etc. with high precision and quality. With the best quality products used in its production, it has 5 models, each with a different work area giving you the satisfactory results in low cost and low maintainence.

Standard features :-

  • Visible red dot pointer – Red light positioning device indicates the location of laser head and eliminate the trouble about manual positioning.
  • Air assist – with air assist, you can remove the combustible heat and gasses from the cutting surface, thus you will have a better cutting quality.
  • LCD panel – Crystal display for the friendly interface and make the operation more convenient and flexible to use.
  • Top quality optics – Imported silicon reflectors with a wavelength of 10.6 micrometre and diameter 25.4mm to give better efficiency.
  • Motion control system – The laser controllers, RD 4.23 allow the system to work faster and have a much better cutting and engraving quality.
  • High quality and long life laser tube.
  • Imported japanese bearings and guide rails for precise movement of laser head.
  • Honeycomb design work table to give better vaccum to hold the material.
  • Water protection – This feature protects the laser tube when the water cooling system is not working.
  • Pass through door design – This design feature helps to cut the long materials which longer than the machine itself.
  • Closed loop chiller (100 W and greater) – Click here for technical specifications of chillar.
  • Smart carver controller – This high-tech controller is based on 32 bit DSP technology to get the improved performance.
  • 32M (or higher) mass memory unit – this feature simultaneously saves many work data and does not loose the closed down document which makes the batch work easy.
  • USB data interface.
  • Power Supply 80 watts.
  • Laser software – Uses is a professional software that controls the system settings. It has plug-in for AutoCAD, CorelDraw and photoshop.
  • Power Supply 80 watts.
  • Triple exhaust system – Exhaust the smoke/fume roundly.
  • Laser tool kit.
  • Technical specifications

    Description CMA-6040 CMA-960 CMA-1080 CMA-1390 CMA-1610
    Working Area 600×400 900×600 1000×800 900×1300 1600×1000
    Laser Power 30-150 W
    Cutting Speed 60,000 mm/mn
    Power Supply 220 V /50 Hz
    Graphic formet supported DST,PLT,BMP,DXT
    Software Supportec Coreldraw,Photoshop,Autocad
    Driving Motor Stepper Motor
    Operating temperature 0-45’C
    Operating humidity 5-95%
    Equipment Size 1360x800x1080mm 1460x800x1080mm 1560x1250x1080mm 2080x1300x1300 mm 2080x1300x1600mm
    Weight 250KG 280KG 320KG 360KG 420KG

    Optional items

    • motorized table – controls the table up/down.
    • Rotary device- Helps in the fine engraving of cylindrical items like glass, mug etc.

    Applicable Materials

    Cut and engrave-Leather,cloth, wool, plexiglass, rubber, PVC plate,Acrylic, aluminium, wood, brass, foam, paper, rubber, carpet, plastic
    engrave- painted metals, tile, glass, ceramics, marble, granite, limestone,cork

    Applicable Industries

    Garment Industry, Packaging, Electronics, Toy Industry, Carpet Industry, Invitation Cards, Model Making Industry, Autoparts, Barcode Industry,



    It is the basic model of this series and is most accepted in the industries due to its low cost ,high quality and versatility in application. With a work area of 600 X 400 mm, it has high tech smart carve controller whichis based on closed loop motion control system to give very precise, stable and improved outputs.


    with a work area of 900 X 600 mm, CMA 960 remains in demand due to its comfortable size and high precision. You can do both cutting and engraving on variety of materials like wood, leather, fabric etc.

    CMA1080 copy

    With a large work area of 1000 X 800 mm, you can even opt to add a rotary equipment which can help in fine engraving of cylindrical materials like glass, mug etc. It is widely used in many industries like packaging, electronics, signage, garments, leather etc.

    Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine
    With a extra-large work area of 900 X 1300mm,CMA 1390 is very good option for cutting acrylic sheet and many other large sized materials at high speed. The special pass through door design helps in handling the long material saving time and labour.This model also remains in high demand in signage industry.

    with an over-sized work area of 1600 X 1000mm, you can opt for automatic feeding system with multiple heads saving a lot of time and labour.this model gives the substantial space for cutting and engraving large pieces with high precision, speed and stability. Due to this it is quite popular among fabric industries.

    Double head

    Equipped with two laser heads, CMA-960 T ,is composed of the finest features and is a perfect choice for mass cutting or engraving.The two heads along with the double coupling system makes output highly stable, precise and speedy. Due to its high quality and low price double head laser cutting and engraving machine remains in high demand in many industries like leather industry, printing and packaging industry, shoe industry, model industry etc.

    Standard features-

    (Same as in single head plus the additional below)

    Two laser heads- to increase the work efficiency two times.

    Technical specifications

  • Working area-900 X 600 mm
  • Laser power- 30-150 w
  • Cutting speed- 60,000 mm/min
  • Power supply- 220v /50 hz
  • Cutting speed- 60,000 mm/min
  • Graphic format supported- DST, PLT, BMP,DXT
  • Software support- Corel Draw, autocad, photoshop
  • Driving motor- stepper
  • Operating temperature-0-45℃
  • Operating humidity-5-95%
  • Equipment size- 1460 X 800 x 1080 mm
  • Weight- 280 kg

Optional items

  • motorized table – controls the table up/down.
  • Rotary device- Helps in the fine engraving of cylindrical items like glass, mug etc.


Wood, Paper, Leather, Textile, Acrylic, Epoxy resin, Wool, Plastic, Bamboo.



With a work area of 900 X 600mm, CMA 960-T is equipped with two laser heads which increases its efficiency twice hence saving time and labor. It is a good choice for those who want to do pattern cutting and are into mass production. The smart carve controller based on closed loop motion control system result into precise, speedy and stable outputs.

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